Online Couples Workshops

Known Counselling is excited to offer online couples workshops beginning in October 2023. 

These workshops are based on decades of research by Drs John and Julie Gottman as presented in the book             The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work. 

Do you have difficulty communicating and understanding each other? Are you stuck, arguing in circles about the same issues? Or are you in a good relationship and would like to make it even better? 

Then this workshop is for you!

reconnect | repair | restore

This online couples workshop takes place over 7 weeks. Each week is 90 minutes and focuses on one of the Seven Principles outlined by Gottman as being critical for healthy and happy relationships. 

The workshop includes lectures, videos, demonstrations and exercises done privately as a couple. We do our best to make the content fun and engaging to learn. Each couple will receive a digital couples workbook to follow along.  


What you will learn

Foster a deeper connection with your partners inner world

How to keep conflict discussions calm

How to resolve long held arguements

Create a sense of shared meaning and purpose

Finer Details

When : Beginning October 29th and running each week for 7 weeks 

Time: 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm 

Price: $350 + HST early bird $400 + HST regular rate after October 8th

*receipt can be submitted for insurance coverage 

To Register: click the link below and sign up through the Google Form. An invoice will be sent to your email and payment can be made through e-transfer. 

A receipt will be emailed to you when payment is received. Let me know if a payment plan is required 🙂 



Is this workshop right for me and my partner?

This workshop is perfect for committed couples at any stage of their relationship; pre-marriage, long term dating or common law, newly married or married for 10,25, or 40 years. The workshop is designed to give a couples tools and resources to deepen and strengthen their connection, help them work through conflict and move toward shared goals. 

Who is this workshop not for?

This workshop is not for couples who are experiencing lots of conflict or are currently in crisis. Those in severe distress, or couples where one or both partners are in active addiction and not seeking outside help.  

Is this workshop like therapy?

While the workshop is led by a licensed counselling therapist this workshop itself is NOT therapy. There is no group sharing or individual time spent with just one couple and the therapist, the couple shares privately with each other and does not process or share with the group at large. The workshop is rather a psycho-educational presentation which gives you tools to use in your relationship. 

Can I attend the workshop alone if my partner wont or cant attend?

While attending as a couple is preferred and the most beneficial, it is possible to attend the workshop on your own. However, the price remains the same whether with a partner or without. 

What if we have to miss a week?

If you have to miss one of the 7 weeks of sessions please let me know in advance and arrangements will be made to get you the material you have missed. 

I have insurance coverage for counselling, can I use it for this?

Yes! Because this workshop is led by a licensed counselling therapist (CT) you can submit your receipt for insurance benefit coverage. The total amount will be divided over the 7 weeks and a receipt will be given after each week of the workshop for insurance submission. 

Will other participants be able to see us?

Unlike a Zoom meeting, participants will not be able to see each other during the workshop. You will only see the screen of the presenter. Participants can choose to engage in the chat box feature to submit questions or comments. 

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